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While only one tool in the instructional designer's toolbox - infographics are a great way to quickly provide information in an interesting, attention grabbing way. In previous jobs, I've primarily used Adobe InDesign to create infographics. Here are a few samples of work I've done for various groups - all looking to communicate an idea or process by using visual aids.

New Client Acquisition

A financial startup company wanted a branded infographic to advertise benefits of a product to potential new merchant customers. 

new merchant infographic.PNG
Financial Product Advertisement

The same financial company needed a consumer-facing infographic to effectively describe a complex financial product to entice new cardholders to join the program.

local rewards program infographic.PNG
Nonprofit Clothing and Houseware Drive

A Minnesota-based nonprofit group was organizing a local clothing and houseware drive. An infographic was requested to post on social media in order to drive more donations by providing detailed information on what materials were needed.

kits and knits infographic.PNG
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