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The (Abridged) Full Story

About Me

Many moons ago, I began my career as an elearning instructional designer, where I dove deep into adult learning theory to understand how to effectively teach this type of learner. While I enjoyed the process of creating training and learning content, I kept coming back to questions that weren’t always addressed by company leaders, like: "Why do we invest in training programs? What are the outcomes we’re trying to achieve? How can we really measure success? What are we really doing here?”


To get to the heart of these questions, I earned my Project Management Professional certification in 2018. With fresh insight into systems thinking, I pursued a new career in managing learning teams, looking at the bigger picture of how to scope, design, implement, and evaluate comprehensive learning programs


From higher education to corporate training to professional licensing and certification programs, I've designed and managed strategic learning programs for well over 10 years now — and I still love it!

What about the fun stuff? I live in beautiful southwest Colorado, where outdoor sports come as naturally as breathing. I have two amazing kids and a cat  who keep my time-management skills on point, and I am a die-hard fan of murder mysteries, puzzles, and strategic board games. 

Work Desk
Work Desk

Professional Mission

The way I see it, my job is to look for pain points and obtain critical information from all project stakeholders, determine where performance gaps can be addressed by learning programs, and work with a team to design effective learning content. Be it new hires for the company, potential clients and customers, or any other target audience - my goal is to improve organizational results through concise, impactful learning experiences.

My Approach

I tackle every project with a collaborative, adaptive mindset. Most projects begin with a needs assessment to identify gaps and answer the "why" of the entire initiative. After getting stakeholder signoff and a documented project plan, it's development time. 

It takes a team to create truly great instruction, and I facilitate that exchange of ideas and expertise whenever possible. My teams are encouraged to incorporate the ADDIE model, Bloom's Taxonomy, the Kirkpatrick model, and Mager's approach to instructional design (to name just a few!) to design just the right learning solution every time.

Colleagues Working Together
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